ForceFeel o8 Development Part 1: Q&A

What is new on ForceFeel o8?

We are developing this force-feedback pad from scratch (from design to controller's electronic interface) and produced with a new manufacturer. We intend the interface to be compatible through API with the 3rd party software, especially the SimShaker application, where the effects will be processed. In that case, the presented racing/flight sim games (Assetto Corsa, ATS, Automobilista, DiRT 4, iRacing and other) on the product page will be compatible.

Can it be used in a bucket seat?

We understand that part of customers is using racing (bucket) seats. Based on numerous requests, we decided to review the design, where we will be able to separate the upper zones, so it can more fit these seats. The length of the whole pad will be also shortened. However, the version with polyester fabric, which is more flexible, will follow after. Both materials have their own pros and cons, but we think the synthetic leather is better for most customers.

Do I need a power adapter for North America which is different than EU?

Absolutely not, ForceFeel o8 will be distributed with 3 variants of a power adapter based on the region 1) USA & Canada 2) Europe - EU 3) United Kingdom.